Help keep this server running! Every little bit counts. To donate, please contact me.

What do I get?

$5 or less,

1 month rcon that allows you to use the commands

  • sv_players
  • sv_map_next

$10 or more,

1.3 month rcon that allows you to use the commands

  • All commands above
  • sv_kick
  • sv_players_more
  • sv_balance_teams
  • sv_mapcycle
  • sv_status
  • sv_os
Your usage will be monitored and if abuse is recorded, your rcon will be taken away.

Upon receiving rcon

, you are not to abuse it in anyway including

  • Banning/Kicking people you do not like
  • Changing the map too many times
  • Giving/Sharing the password to others
  • Trolling while using rcon
  • Using cmds for your own purposes
If you follow these rules, there shouldn’t be any confusion and everyone will feel safer. Have fun!

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